RDM Working Group

The Oxford RDM Working Group

The Research Data Management Working Group at Oxford was established in the wake of the 'Digital Services to Support Research Workshop' held on the 13th July 2012, to coordinate at a strategic level efforts to implement a research data management infrastructure at the University of Oxford. Its membership reflects the major institutional stakeholders in this endeavour with responsibility for developing and providing this infrastructure - primarily the Research Services, IT Services, and Bodleian Libraries.

The full membership of the RDM Working Group is as follows:
  • Ms. Kathryn Dally, Research Services
  • Ms. Sian Dodd, Research Services
  • Dr. Michael Fraser, IT Services
  • Dr. Wolfram Horstmann, Bodleian Libraries
  • Prof. Paul Jeffreys, IT Services
  • Mr. Peter Jones, IT Services
  • Mr. Sebastian Rahtz, IT Services
  • Dr. Andrew Richards, Oxford Supercomputing Centre
  • Ms. Sally Rumsey, Bodleian Libraries
  • Dr. David Shotton, Zoology Department
  • Dr. Glenn Swafford, Research Services
  • Dr. James A. J. Wilson, IT Services

December 2012 - The working group is currently engaged in creating a high-level business case for University investment into research data management infrastructure. This case will be made to the Research Committee of the University during Hilary term, 2013